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Buffalo Nas Remote Login


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Hi all,


I had been using the embedded BitTorrent client with remote access on my Buffalo NAS using the web site and the Android app. After a period of inactivity I'm unable to get it to work anymore. Any username and password combination I try, no matter how obscure, results in a "there is already a computer using that username" message.
Can anyone suggest a way that I can get it working again?


Thanks and regards.

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Howdy Togsie,


As a heads up, this is the forum for the BitTorrent Sync product - not the BitTorrent Buffalo NAS embedded project. 

You may have better support in http://forum.bittorrent.com/forum/17-troubleshooting/


An admin may want to move this post to that section.


That said, having previously worked with the BitTorrent embedded product I would recommend a few troubleshooting options:

  • Restarting your NAS
  • Confirming on the BitTorrent WebUI on the NAS that you are connected to BitTorrent Remote
  • Try changing the username/password from the NAS WebUI used to connect to BitTorrent Remote
  • Then try connecting to your NAS with the new username/password you set through the NAS WebUI from remote.bittorrent.com and Android application
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