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Android Permissions


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Why does Bleep need all these authorizations on Android?

- Identity

- Contacts/agenda (--> to import contacts I guess)


- Pictures

- Camera/Microphone

- Device ID and phone number


I can understand some of them, even though the functionality is not yet implemented, but others...



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Thank you for this. 


The following is the list of permission that we get for Android:


* Take pictures and video (QR code scanner)

* Record audio (voice calls)

* Read contacts (accessing contacts)

* Modify or delete or read the contents of your USB storage (for making our own ringtone available to the notification center while the app is in the background)


The following permissions were added during development to make some tasks easier for users (e.g. to not input anything for the signup process, send sms to invite friends to the app, show your profile picture in the app, etc). We ended up designing the experience in a way that we don't require these permissions but we missed removing these from the app (i.e. it's a bug). The following permissions will be removed in the next version of the Android app:


* Read phone status and identity (will be removed)

Read your own contact card (will be removed)

* send SMS (will be removed)

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