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Hello! I am using widely sync and now I see your nwe product, Bleep.

I see big future for it and already have installed on my android device. I have no contacts right now in my adress book but i when they come I have some ideas what I want from Bleep.


1. My phone can be turned off and if my contacts want to write me offline text, thay can do this. When I enter online, I receive text. If sender is online too?


2. Both for audio messaging.


3. If I'm gonna online and my contact is offline too, I cannot receive text/audio, because it is not saved on any of devices everywhere.


4. Ok, here I have some servers locally at my home network and globally in the internet. Some of them untrusted, but there is btsync on each of them. I want to add some secret key into btsync (or maybe other your app or even special Bleep working mode) to add "My Own Contact Private Online Server" — let's call it "Supporting Server". It should cache text/audio messages sent to me from my contacts or from me to my offline contacts or their support servers. I want to enable as many supporting servers as I can — 1, 2, 10 or more — data should be synced and encrypted. Only me primary devices with Bleep should be enabled to decode information.


5. Here, if all is working as I described, we can extend messages from text and audio on video content, and any other type of pinned files.

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