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Call Problems


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These are the current problems I've face with making/receiving calls. Please note that this is only via PC experience.


  • The dial and incoming call tones are WAY too loud, and there is no adjustment for this.
  • Audio being received is extremely quiet, requiring both parties to manipulate mic settings to levels that either clip, or need to be adjusted after we're done using this program. Turning up the volume on the receiving end seems to yield marginal results, at best.
  • Voices appear to have a very compressed sound to them, and this changes with each call. So far, I'm not entirely sure if time of day makes a difference, however it seems to have a correlation.
  • Every time I've made a call, the call drops one side's microphone. You can hear one side of the conversation, but not the other. Simultaneously, messages are able to be sent without problems or delays. It seems to drop the other person's mic the most, although it has dropped my end as well; therefore, I can't conclude that it's a problem with another user's computer entirely. This does seem to have a time of day factor as well, oddly enough, as using it later at night yields more problematic connections. This could be coincidental, but the timing of these mic problems suggests otherwise. Connection time before the call becomes one-sided has ranged between one minute to about forty minutes - this is based on roughly three hours of call time. While it has lasted up to forty minutes, the most common time frames I can expect a problem are the five, fifteen, and half hour marks, with the five minute mark being the most common. 
  • There seems to be a noticeable delay, but it varies from call to call.

I think that covers everything, so far. When I finally have an Android to use, I'm hoping to use Bleep as a replacement for regular phone calls to other Bleep users... so I'd really like to see these problems fixed for all platforms. When I do have an Android to use, I'll be sure to make some calls with that as well.

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