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Use Bt Sync / Torque To Sync Database Content


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I really like e way that BT sync works and how convenient it is to handle it / set it up as well as the secure data transfer peer 2 peer.
I am working on a disaster relief communications software that is currently based on apache, php, mysql and local file/document storage. Looking forward, it would make a lot of sense to use the distributed redundant HW of the 4..10 Laptops instead of a single server (which is a single point of failure). The communication is primarily targeting clients on the same LAN. Secondarily it could be used in a slightly modified way to synchronize messages and data "up stream" to the next higher instance in the field/headquarters.

In the aspect of redundancy it would have a lokal database on each machine for a kind of a messaging board. the database would also be used for lokal file "tracking" (e.g. attach a PDF to a message). The database and tracked files should then be synced with other clients. Right now BT sync is focussing on files and MySQL sync focusses on database servers. What I would be looking for is a simple local database (e.g. something like SQLite) that is synced on a key-pair-level peer2peer in parallel to the files linked by it.


The question I have is: would there be a short term or long term way to use BT sync /torque for databases? Also, one could consider that data is always uniquely added to each database with a unique ID so that there would not be changes to existing data or merging with existing data. 

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