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Bittorrent Don't Show "save File Where" Window After Opening Torrent File


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I have a strange problem and I have tried to google this for a long time and now it is time that I try to solve it with your help from you guys as google have not been able to answer me ;).


I have been using uTorrent before to download .torrent files. But then one day, for no reason I was able to understand, when I was double clicking on a .torrent file, the software was opening but the window that ask you where to save the file was not appearing anymore. Also no entry in my current list of downloads was added.


I was unable to solve the problem then I discovered BitTorrent and then it was working perfectly. Now I am using BitTorrent for more than a year now and last week the exact same problem came back... No torrent downloads are added to my list.


I can try to click "Open - Add torrent files..." but it change nothing.

I also tried to drag and drop the torrent file to the BitTorrent window, but it doesn't work neither...


What can I do?


If it helps, here is the version I have:

Windows 7 64bits

BitTorrent 7.9.2 build 34543

Firefox 32.0.3

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