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Bittorrent Says I'm Seeding But Tpb Says 0 Seeders, 2 Leechers.


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I've been researching this and apparently a lot of first-time uploaders have this problem. I have yet to find a working solution so maybe you guys can help. I uploaded my first torrent yesterday and I've been seeding faithfully ever since. BitTorrent 7.9.2 says I'm seeding but the pirate bay shows 0 seeders 2 leechers. I tried downloading the torrent myself and it won't download. How can I fix this? This movie is a foreign film that doesn't exist on any sites I searched and I actually got 2 people to download it on it's first day up. Please help me fix this quickly. In case anyone wants to test it, my torrent can be found here: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/11247628/...e_Mord.avi

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