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Pay To Uninstall Bittorrent From A Mac Running On Yosemite Os X?


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Hi everyone.


On Oct 31st I emailed BitTorrent Customer Support asking how to:


Uninstall BitTorrent from a Mac running on Yosemite OS X?


On Nov 1st I've received an email from  'Guido' (help@bittorrent.com). with the following reply:


"Hello Lilianne,

Thank you for getting in touch. I was not able to find a purchase under your email address, lilianne.caron@gmail.com. Can you confirm the email you used when you submitted your transaction? 

If you have the confirmation number from your purchase confirmation I can also use that to bring up your transaction. 


BitTorrent Customer Support"
I've made the mistake to install this software without knowing how to uninstall it first, the page didn't mentioned anything about purchases or transactions, so I didn't paid. 
It installed something in the system and judging by the reply, this bozos plan to charge in order to uninstall the App?
Does somebody knows How can I Uninstall BitTorrent from a Mac running on Yosemite OS X?
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@Lili, I suspect support assumed you'd purchased & installed BitTorrent Plus, rather than the free BitTorrent Client, and that you were making a complaint that you were unhappy with your purchase/asking for a refund.


BitTorrent are not trying to charge you for uninstalling an app!! - I think support have just mis-understood your question.
Installing any app on OSX Yosemite is really straight forward see: OS X Yosemite: Install, update, and uninstall apps

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Hello GreatMarko, and thanks for your reply.


Is disturbing that they asked for a purchase receipt in order to say how to Uninstall it.


And when told them that I didn't purchased it, they still haven't replied anything.


The problem is that at the time of the installation the App asked for the admin password, and I assume that it copied stuff outside of the Applications folder, those files aren't eliminated when you just drag the App to the Trash.


Also there's no apparent documentation on how to uninstall the App, in the BitTorent website.


This is very strange.


But thank you anyway @GreatMarko

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