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Bittorrent Quit Unexpectedly. Cannot Update.


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Hi guys,


Hoping somebody here can help. For the past week my Bittorrent client has been crashing at random times and I receive the a "Problem Report for BitTorrent" with the message "BitTorrent quit unexpectedly". There seems to be a whole load of data included on my system and the crash.


As it has happened between 5-10 times over the last week, I decided to check if there was an update available using the option from the menu bar.

After doing so, my computer seems to download the complete 4mbs of data, but once it gets to the end it crashes and I get the same message on screen.


Is there anyway to update the app manually? Please keep in mind I wanna upgrade, not new install, I don't wanna lose my ratio's on the sites I share with.


I'm running BitTorrent 7.4.1 on OSX 10.9.5


Who or where can I send the report data to, in case its needed or will help?




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