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How To Update App Manually?


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Hi guys,


I am running BitTorrent version 7.4.1 (29428) on my iMac 10.9.5.

I have tried to update to 7.4.2 using the menu option, but every time I try, after the download completes and starts to extract, it crashes and I get a "Problem Report for BitTorrent" with the heading "BitTorrent quit unexpectedly". The report seems to have a bunch of data about the crash and my system.


Is there any way I can manually update? If I were to overwrite with the later version, will it lose my settings? I am sharing some torrents I would like to keep sharing, for my ratios on certain websites. 
I don't want to do a clean install.


Have tried the troubleshooting forum but nobody seems to know anything about my crash, maybe somebody here can advise on how to update manually with losing my settings and all.


If the crash report will help I can post them somewhere or to somebody, if anyone can advise where.


Thanks in advance.



Kevin :)

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