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Bleep Not Encrypting History Messages?


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I don't know why but I thought Bleep also encrypted the local message history so even though someone had the database file they could still not make sense of it.

However it was surprising to see that the sqlite database file: contacts.sqlite3 (found under the user profile's appdata in windows) can be opened with any sql viewer.

And what's more surprising is the fact that the tables contain all data as simple text. Including the "Message" table which contains the conversation history.


Most of the "secure" chat apps have this same flaw, imo local data is as important as the traffic between the parties. Will we see a future release with encrypted local data as well? If that's the case this application will even rival Vipole which asks a wopping 9$/month to enable this feature


There are many solutions to fully encrypt the database of this application one of such is https://www.zetetic.net/sqlcipher/ . Which is a multi platform library. I hope this will become an option as it would make Vipole absolute to me.

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