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Bittorrent Try To Use Upnp Even When Nat-Pmp Worked. Is It Normal?


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Hi! I'm really confused... I talked about this issue in the General Discussion board, but I know it is better to talk about it here. I uninstalled Bittorrent because I thought it couldn't handle my Apple's router.


I'll show you some log entries I received:


[00:00:04]  UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying.

[00:00:06]  UPnP: No cached host.  Returning false from CheckCachedUpnpHost()

[00:00:06]  UPnP: The device "" is not a UPnP router (http://**********/)

[00:00:11]  DEBUG: UPnP: Not replying to Service Type [upnp:rootdevice]

[00:00:14]  UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying.


I thought Bittorrent was trash but then I noticed it managed to work with NAT-PMP immediately:


[00:00:01]  NAT-PMP: Mapped TCP port ***** -> **********

[00:00:01]  NAT-PMP: Mapped UDP port ***** -> **********

[00:00:01]  NAT-PMP: Got external IP: ***********


So... Why Bittorrent is still trying to use UPnP when NAT-PMP worked?


All my quotes are from the same session.


When I saw entries like the one in the first quote, I switched back to my old client which was working like a charm, but if Bittorrent works also, then I might come back to it.


Could you explain to me why Bittorrent keeps trying to use UPnP?

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