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Hi, Help Please - Error


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I make/create torrents just fine till I moved my files from one external hard drive to a different one (other files already on there I can share). I try to make a new torrent of a new file from tranfered I want to share, I get (error 16, not bencoded) .


Could this be because I moved the files, and if so how do I get it to go again? is it a Binary thing?



-> The files I already have made torrents and uploaded from same external that I moved, I Re-Checked the torrent and it connected and I was able to tranfer to co-workers.


**the only issue is new torrents from files transfered, I can make nwe torrents and share w/all other files except for those I moved.


Thank you for any help you can give


any more info you need pls ask I will check back soon to provide if needed

Joseph :)

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