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Suddenly A Good Running Torrent Is On 0

Calico Jack

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maybe this problem is already discussed somewhere - if so, please forgive me,


I have a torrent which was running very good, till I restart my PC (for other reasons it was nessessary).


From this moment there was not one single kilobyte again come in. Also I don't seed no more (and there is enough to seed, the incoming files are at 82% and I set to unrestricted up- and downspeed).


Till this reboot of the PC the torrent runs with a very good speed, now there is the status on "downloading" but - as mentioned - not one single kilobyte runs in or out.


In the [Tracker] Wildcard it tells me (twice) "udp://:tracker.openbit.... (etc): connection time out - next try in (whatever) minutes"; DHT seems to be at 631 knots (is this word right? I use bittorent not in english)


I already de-installed Bittorrent and re-installed it - this changed nothing. I would say, this is maybe a dead torrent but till this reboot it runs like hell


Thank you in advice, if someone can help me or give me a hint. Please be aware, that my english is not very good

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