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Can Not Complete Torrents


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Hello.  I cannot complete downloading any torrents.  Once one completes downloading it is  stuck at flushing to disk.  If I stop it and restat it,it is then stuck at checked saying "checked 0%". The green check mark apears in the bottom right hand corner and says network ok however when i run the setup guide tests its says "port is not open you are still able to download".  I have checked watever the listening port in the setting is set too with a website that says the port is open.  I have tried changing ports and setting up port forwarding in my netgear router settings with the port in the settings. When I shut down bittorrent  I cannot reopen it. Under the task manager it does not show up on the aplications tab but under the processes tab bittorrent.exe is still there using alot of memory.  I sut down my computer and often it will  get stuck shutting down and never shut down so i hit the powerr button.  When i restart and open bit torrent even torrents that were completed and seeding are now saying checking and they never finish checking.I was getting a disk cache overload too. I did go to the settings and clicked "overide automatic cach size and specify size manually" Curently have it set at 550 mb and I am not seeing the disk oveload message anymore.

I have  bittorrent 7.9.2 build 36804. And am runing windows vista.

Anyone experience something similar?  Any ideas on what could be wrong?



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