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I have seen a lot of discussion on leeches, on people not seeding. 

Here in Australia, we don't have unlimited internet. Heck, some of us can't even get internet. Some of us can only get mobile internet, which means some of us can only afford to pay for around 5GB, with mobile data plans ranging from around 1GB per month to about 15GB per month, where 15GB per month is quite a large data plan. This includes both uploads and downloads.


So if we are on a 5GB plan, which is the average plan, we need to seriously consider every single thing we do on the internet, and uploading a 300MB to 1GB file is just a whole lot of data. We might only download any torrents at the end of the month, when our data is about to expire and we have some left. The rest of the month, we switch off uTorrent to limit our data used.


Us lucky ones, who live in areas that allow you to have landline internet (which is normal in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and maybe? Adelaide) also have limited amounts of internet. Our plans may range from 50GB to 1TB (where 1TB is a humungous plan and 50GB is not unusual). Again, this includes uploads and downloads. In a household with 4 people, that amounts to 12.5GB per person per month of uploads and downloads.


Also, the internet can be veery slow. In my house, I have to wait about half an hour to an hour to download an episode of Game of Thrones. This is normal. So, we download at night. And during the daytime, we switch off uTorrent. That way we can sometimes play games. We can also check facebook without having to wait ages for it to load. Granted, sometimes it takes ages regardless, but at times, it will load quite fast.


This is why we limit our uploads. This is why we delete files, switch off uTorrent, don't share as much so that we can download an episode in half an hour not an hour and a half when we forget to download it at night.


I've been waiting on an episode while writing this, and in the time it has taken me, it has gotten up to 30%. But I'm just happy I have landline internet. It's a huge improvement to my last place. I was limited to 3GB of data (uploads and downloads) there, and it was so incredibly slow. 

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Hi Pinda,

If you are looking to increase your upload data whilst having limited access from home, then you should consider a seedbox, such as http://www.dediseedbox.com


These seedboxes allow you to download/upload your torrent file to/from the seedbox server and leave the file seeding.

You then access your seedbox via FTP and download the file.


You can leave the torrent file seeding on your seedbox for as long as you wish.

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