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Doesn't Start Downloading


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So i'm not very good with bittorrent so i don't understand everything on it. The problem is that when i click on ''magnet link'' ([torrent link removed] this is one of the cases but it happenned with many) it goes as normal but when the torrent starts downloading it doesn't go on from ''downloading metadata''.


I have always downloaded everything normally without problems but since yesterday none of the torrents i started actually begun. If you know how to fix it or have a sugestion please reply.



Sorry if the text is a bit messy and if i made any spelling errors. Thank you in advance

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yeah im having problems with my torrents too. i just downloaded bit torrent and the first torrent i tried to download, didnt work. i tried another one, didnt work.


All of them say Connecting to peers and haven't started downloading yet. My trackers are all working and i cant understand whats wrong. 



PLEASE HELP. im new to this and would greatly appreciate it if someone could put and end to my frustrations




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