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Download Speed Very Low.


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I have been using BitTorrent for years with no problems until recently. Yesterday after adding a torrent, the download speed inched up to 2.0kB/s, then dropped down to around 0.5, sometimes jumping back up, sometimes dropping down to nothing, but never any higher than 2.0.


I have not touched any of the settings, nor had any change to my internet.


I have done a fresh install of the BitTorrent client, run the setup guide and not touched any settings, yet the problem persists.


The last torrent I downloaded was a couple of weeks ago, so the issue must have manifested between then and now.


Here is my internet speed test result if that's of any value http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4026880493


Please help this is driving me nuts.

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I would check first, by see if its all torrents, or its simply that one you are trying to download. Try to find a "popular" torrent to download and test. The biggest factors out side of your control. Are seeders, and or the tracker your torrent is attempting to connect to. If other torrents work with out issue, I would say you need to find another torrent.

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