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Screen size question


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Hi There

Just joined, first post.

I downloaded a film last week, and when I started to watch it, I was told I needed Bittorrent, which meant nothing to me, and still doesn't really.

Anyway, I installed it, and have watched the film since, but I have some questions if you can help please.

1) what is Bitorrent, and what is Torrent.

2) When I watch films that a friend has put on my spare hard drive, they open in WMP?

3) When I watch it using my Bittorrent, I have no control over the following, there is no slider to advance forward, it has a small screen, with no option to go full screen.

4)If I download a film off the net, have I always got to use Bittorrent.

5) When ready to d/load, there is the large obvious DOWNLOAD button, or "use torrent" ???

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