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Just Some Torrents Running Very Slow


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I've not been actively downloading torrents for almost a year but I'm using it again intermittently now.


It used to work just fine but now I've discovered that a lot of the popular files with 1,000s of seeds are coming down with just 0.5 kB/s. :(


After looking about on here for general answers I've found a few posts of people saying things are slow but then they go quiet without any answer.


I've found out about downloading the slackware torrent to test it and that is coming down fine at about 500kB/s. :)


So I know there's nothing wrong with my confuguration. I'm in the UK using utorrent and EE broadband.

I suspect something is throttling these popular torrents down. <_<


What's the news out there? Is something clamping down on certain torrents?

How can they restrict some and not others?


Cheers, M

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