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Information On Accessing Utorrent's Dht?


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I'm relatively new to Bittorrent but I've been doing a lot of research and it looks like the Bittorrent protocol uses a modified version of the Kademelia DHT called Mainline DHT. Not only that but uTorrent seems to have quite the network of existing peers using this protocol. I've seen talk of other clients/applications connecting to this particular network and I'm wondering if there is a guide or some info on how to go about that with my own application?

I have a feeling my ignorance is showing. After some more thought I guess any peer using the Mainline DHT protocol is in fact, part of that network. That's the beauty of the distributed nature of bittorrent. All that is needed is to speak the correct language and find some existing peers. I'm curious how new applications are accomplishing this? Are there existing useful bootstrap servers?

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