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Surging Bandwidth Problem


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I am currently using Bittorrent 6.3

I am trying to download a 5 gb file and i am watching the bandwitch go up to 345kbs for about 1 to 2 minutes then it drops to 10kbs for about one to two minutes repeatedly.

I called my service provider which is frontier and in talking with them, they reset the service. The tech said that they noticed an intermittent service problem which they will be sending a tech out tomorrow for, but in the mean time I wasnted to verify it wasn't the software.

I used speedtest.net during the high bandwidth times and the low bandwidth times and there was very little difference on the speedtest results. I usually get from 2.6mbs to 3.0mbs. Hence why I was concerned that it may be this software.

I started a different file download of 600mb and its download surging is the same.

Also to note: the main download is downloading from between 32 and 35 seeders at all bandwidths speeds.

Thank you anyone for your time.

Hopefully someone knows of a program that can graph continual bandwidth like the bittorrent software does.

Computer is:

Acer Laptop aspire 5535

running win xp 32 bit

Modem is:

westell a90-750045

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