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not all torrents downloaded are listed in BT


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Just joined this forum. I read thru so many threads and didn't find anything applicable to my question, but hopefully it's something easily explained. My BT version is 7.2.2 for a Mac os x and everything seems to be working fine; no issues or complaints ...... just questions. I did read some suggested actions but they did not apply to my Mac version of BT.

Here's the deal. I have many more torrents in my downloaded directory as are listed under Torrents/All in BT. Right now there are only 13 listed, all completed but not all active. Looking at the dates downloaded, they at first seemed to be only those torrents downloaded from 12/30 thru 1/6 (a 7 day window), but when I checked the downloaded folder, there were more torrents in that same date range that were downloaded later than those currently listed ... so I'm baffled. I want to know if the application at some point stops making these downloaded torrents available for seeding and what the criteria is for listing/not-listing these torrents. My ratio limit is set high enough to not be the issue. My system is up 24/7 with the occasional reboot for upgrades and updates and when on, BT is active.

Will appreciate some explanation as to why I don't see the entire list of downloaded/completed torrents available for seeding. Should mention that these torrents that I don't see now were seeded before.

Thanks in advance

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