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Torrent jumps from 50% to 99.8% after force re-check

Guest compass95

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Guest compass95

Hi there,

There is one torrent that I have been trying to download for the past two days with no avail. The first two times my computer crashed at 10% and 35% respectively, and when I restarted the computer the torrent had jumped to 99.8% for no reason, reached 100% and stopped downloading anything even though the file was obviously unfinished. Even a force recheck could not persuade BitTorrent that the file is actually not done. For the past two times I have just deleted the torrent and the unfinished file and started again.

This time I reached almost 50% and I decided to do a force recheck just in case, and immediately after force recheck the torrent jumps to 99.8%, reached 100% with the file still unfinished. I now really regret I have done the force recheck, even though I don't think it should have messed with the file that much.

I am currently stuck in a corner of the world where internet connection is charged by the megabytes, and I really could not afford to start this torrent all over again. Is there a a way I can drag the completion percentage back to where it should be so I can actually finish torrenting?

I use BitTorrent 7.2 and there is plenty of space left on my hard drive.


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