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download stuck even though there are seeders


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I am wondering, is there no feature in the BitTorrent protocol that causes the seeders to prioritize pieces that have low availability? Or to prioritize peers who are close to completing the download?

I am working on a download that I've had up for 2 weeks now, and I believe the first 80 or 90% was completed in the first day or two. But now for a while I have been stuck at around 99%, and there are maybe 8 to 10 other peers who are stuck at the same amount. The weird thing is that it's showing that there are 4 seeds. I've even been connected to one of these seeds for decent lengths of time - it is using BitTorrent 7.2.1 - but it is always choked. By the way, I am using 7.6. The seeds apparently are not giving the missing pieces to anyone else either, because there are hardly ever any peers that are relevant. Occasionally, someone will pop up with .1 or .2 relevance, and then I will eventually get those pieces, but not very quickly. One of the seeders is on an actual tracker, and the other three are only on DHT or Peer Exchange, and I may have only connected to one seeder - not sure about that.

Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, it is very frustrating knowing that the rest of the download is right there, if the seeder would only send it to me (or one of the other peers at 99%). Is there anything I can do, and is it possible that they'll be able to do something about this in future releases? This is the first time that I've had a problem like this.

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