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Mac 10.6.8 update stops bittorrent working

Guest Karen

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I have been running bittorrent on my mac 10.6 for as long as i have had my mac. I have never had a problem, until I updated my OS X to 10.6.8, then it all went wrong!!

I do not know what caused the problem, but as soon as I updated my OS, all of my torrents ceased to work. I kept getting a 'no incoming connection' error message, and I tried every troubleshooting step I could find online (hardware and software firewall turn off, port testing and forwarding ets), but nothing worked.

In the end, my only option was to revert to my 10.6 operating system, and once again all is fine.

However, why does bittorrent NOT work with OS X 10.6.8 and what is the solution? Obviously I want my OS to be up to date, but until this bittorrent is solved then I cant upgrade my OS.

Has anyone else had this problem when upgrading to mac 10.6.8?? Did you find a solution? Are bittorrent even aware of this problem, and is there actually a solution??\

Many thanks in advance


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Guest Jevalent

Running OS 10.6.8; BitTorrent stopped running for me last night, long after upgrading my OS. BitTorrent is just not opening up ANY directory to save the downloaded files, even though the preferences are properly set. Gives error message "Is a directory". What is this?

This seems to have happened concurrently with a change in the way Pirate Bay is offering up its torrents, although I don't understand what the connection could be.

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