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Loyal User Done With Utorrent Due To Obscene Advertisements


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I have been using utorrent as long as I've downloaded torrents, which is probably 12+ years.


I probably was able to ignore this advertisement issue long enough by using older versions (2.x), mainly because I had problems with 3.x and not because of advertisements.


Now I will be quitting utorrent unless these type of advertisements are stopped. I can ignore all the porn and dating site advertisements in the world, but I have a kid now, and that is flat-out something I'm not exposing them to. This is a program that runs 24 hours a day on many people's computers.


I'm sure some of you will say "buy the pro version" or "you don't have a voice because you're using this product for free." You might be right - I don't care. I believe that even if utorrent finds it necessary to support their product with advertisements, it's not necessary to use obscene advertisments. I'm tired of this constant mysogynistic crap: "date hot russians!" "date hot asians!" I expect that when I go to public torrent sites - I do NOT expect to see that from my torrent client running 24 hours a day.


So thank you for all the effort you've put into the program, and thank you for the years of enjoyment I got from using it. But until you find a better way to support your development and/or personal finances, I will be finding an alternative client (unless, of course, every single other torrent client out there uses the same inconsiderate approach.)



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