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My apologies

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Your torrent engine has been trying to update my 7.6 to newer version over the last few days, but because of my connection, has been unable to complete the data transfer. The message is something like " unable to complete update, Sorry for the inconvience".

I know it's a generic message, from a machine, but I still feel responsible for the failure, and feel bad that the system is apologizing for defect at my end. I would like to apologize to the bit-torrent family, and the server for any inconvience that I may have caused by the repeated attempts to try and upgrade that ended in failure.

And thank you for having such a polite engine. Please, Thank You, and Sorry are too rarely seen on line.

Thank You

Chris H

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I just received a message to upgrade to 7.6 this week, so I did. I have been having some problems with some features (e.g., F1 / BitTorrent Help aren't working, but FAQ is from the menu).

I selected Help > Check for Updates, and the message I get reads, "There is no new version available at this time."

Is this message incorrect? I'm also having a major problem with labels so I would like to get fixes if possible.

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