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New Option In Side Menu - Uncompleted Torrents


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Hello. I'm on WIN 8,  Bittorrent 7.9.2


On the left menu, in the TORRENTS area I have these options:-


- Downloading

- Seeding

- Completed

- Active

- Inactive



Can there be a new option added to the side menu for UNCOMPLETED torrents.




i find a torrent for a series - series 1, series 2, series 3 etc all in the one torrent.


I decide to download series 1 first.  it takes a day or so to download (depeding on the size of the torrent & how long i'm online with my PC).


Currently, after it finishes its download, it dissapears from my "downloading" menu. i may forget about it for a few days. 


If there was an "uncompleted" torrent option, I can easily see / locate any torrents that i do not have the full files, but are not currently downloading or scheduled to download.



Would this be beneficial ?  do the creators of bittorrent view this forum ?




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