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Proxy Question - Does Country Matter? If Ip Is Different Is It Working?


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Im in the process of trying to anonymize myself using torrents for various reasons. Mainly I dont want my IP address detected.


while a VPN is preferred to this method, I thought that using a SOCKS5 (preferrably) or even socks4(doesnt support udp though) proxy -- and there are various free proxy servers available, even if speed isnt comparable to paid companies, I could make a huge savings and still get the anonymity I'm looking for through these methods.


Does country matter though? Will I get higher speed with a proxy from the US since I live in the US than I would with one from Russia or China (more widely available free socks5 proxies, with better reported speed than the few in the US)?


and I've been using IPmagnet to check, and currently using a mid-speed free US socks5 proxy, a different IP address did show (a 50.xx.xx.xx instead of my actual 70.xx.xx.xx ip), while my actual IP did show using another, non-protected torrent client -- This means it's working right? or is it possible for another program to come up with a different IP that otherwise is still linked to me?


as long as I get anonymity and decent speed (my internet only goes up to 1.7-1.9Megabytes a second tops, and thats when Im using it alone, usually its around 700-950kb/s to 1.5mb/s top speed) then I could satisfactorily use one of these free anonymous proxies instead of paying for a VPN...


in fact, if the above is true AND it doesnt matter which country I choose, I could easily come up with at least a dozen free, highly anonymous proxy servers from China or Russia, and have no need to ever bother paying for privacy through a VPN, as I ONLY care to anonymize my IP for torrents -- I've never been throttled by time warner for downloading, and I've downloaded dozens... my only concern is being protected in the swarm...

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Its difficult to be totally anon, there are some really specialist proxy services out there, but one of the best options is to use an offshore vps, and then a proxy to connect to that,

You best bet is to use something like an offshore vps, (there are others available, but i've used this in the past) then you can use a private proxy to connect to the vps, and download what you want.

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