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Disallow Auto-Shutdown


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Please provide an option that makes the various system shutdown options unavailable to the user.


I often use the "Quit when Downloads Complete" option. Today, I intended to select that option, but I must have selected "Shutdown when Downloads Complete" by mistake. When my downloads completed, my system started shutting down – and worse, it was extremely aggressive about it. Normally, when Windows shuts down, I am given an opportunity to save any unsaved data in any open applications. If I click Cancel in the application's Save dialog, the system stops shutting down. However, when Bittorrent initiated the auto-shutdown, I was powerless to stop it. Even when I hit Cancel in a Save dialog, the system kept shutting down. If I didn't react quickly enough to a Save dialog, it was closed automatically. I lost several hours of work.


never want BitTorrent to automatically shutdown, restart, hibernate, or standby my computer. Currently, it is too easy to select those options by mistake, and (evidently) there's no way to prevent disaster if one of those was mistakenly chosen and BitTorrent decides to "helpfully" bring down the whole OS for you.


I want to hide or disable those options completely from the UI, or at least make them much more difficult to select by mistake. (Put them in a different menu? Use a confirmation dialog?)

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