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7.9.3 (Build 40299) [32-Bit] Newest Update Status Error?


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I have been using BitTorrent for several years now and have been happy with your product. I recently updated to the newest version and immediately noticed one major problem.

Sometimes, but not that often, a torrent will show as 'Finished' in Status and it'll be gray instead of the usual purple. I always 'Force Recheck' every torrent numerous times. In every case with this gray 'Finished' my Status will come back as anywhere from 0.1% to around 50%. I Start the downloading process again, once it finishes it'll still be in gray and i'll recheck and i'll either have a small improvement in Status or no change at all. My usage history is going up the entire time. Sometimes, after many finishes, rechecks, start, finish..it'll eventually appear 'Finished' in purple, other times I give up and find a different torrent. I've never had this problem before. Error with update or something on my end?

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