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Can't Uninstall


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I get the error that I "do not have sufficient access to uninstall. please contact your system administrator." i am however, the only user account on this computer. 


Googled it and have already tried this:

With BitTorrent closed, go to %appdata%\bittorrent (put that in the address bar of a windows explorer window) and delete settings.dat and settings.dat.old 


Some help please, thank you

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Ya I have the same problem ...before you could uninstall bittorrent so easily. Another problem bittorrent created is it keeps crashing explorer.exe every min...messing up my computer. really disappointed never using this client and idk how to uninstall...

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I have just tried what you suggested above and I still cannot uninstall Bit torrent.  I am having the same problem with Utorrent.


I have tried to reinstall Bit torrent and the message is " an older version of bit torrent is running. Please shut down Bittorrent and try again."

I do not know where to find this older version.


When in the programs and features area on my computer and try to uninstall the Bit torrent icon is not showing it is only a white square with boxes in it.  When bit torrent is working correctly this icon is the purple bit torrent one.


Am at a loss to know what to do and cannot use this program at all.

I am a Bit torrent pro user. So waste of money at the moment.


Can any one please help!!!

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