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Trying To Understand Downloading Speeds


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Firstly let me say that I am a fairly basic user of Bittorrent. Last week I had a problem on my computer and somehow I deleted something which ended up with Bittorrent no longer working. Because of this I deleted it and re-installed it.


Previous to the re-install I would get speeds of between 400 and 700 kB/sec. Now for some reason the speeds are extremely limited. The strange part is that when I turn on Bittorrent, the first torrent on my list often connects and goes straight to the speeds I used to get but then the speed drops off very quickly and I end up with 1-2 kB/sec and very often not even that much. I have Bittorent set to only download one torrent at a time.


I do run Bittorrent with a VPN service running. I did a Speed test a minute ago with my VPN running and the results were 5.08 Mb/sec downloading and 0.36 Mb/sec uploading.


Can anyone advise me if thee is anything I can do?

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