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How To Fix Tracker Problem With Specific Torrent Files


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I am a new user here, so please forgive any error in posting or searching existing information (I did search the forum, but I could not find the answers).


I have downloaded successfully with many torrent files, but a few give me errors.  One of those issues an error about "invalid URL" for most of the trackers (one more is "unregistered torrent pass"), and I was wondering:


1: Why are the trackers built into the torrent file?  Why aren't the trackers a general thing overall?  I guess I don't understand how this works.


2: If the trackers are bad, can I update them somehow? (manually fix the file)


3: If not, any advise?  Or are those torrent files simply no good? (meaning, won't ever work)


In case it matters, I am using an older version (I don't like updating things unless they're broken), but it has been working even very recently with most torrent files.


Thanks, I would appreciate any advise

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