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Files/folders Saved With Lock Symbol & Without User Profile


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OS: Win 7 SP1 x64 (completely updated)

BT Version: BitTorrent 7.9.3 (build39947) [32-bit]

Login: as administrator


When a file, or folder is downloaded and saved (no stop and restart) it appears in my destination folder with a lock on it.  In BT, I right-click, 'Remove & Delete .torrent', allowing changes to be made as it is not longer is use.  I have had issues moving/renaming it and deleting the folder.  When trying to delete I get 'The folder is shared with other people.  If you delete this folder it will no longer be shared.'


To remove the lock I have to do the following with the file/folder:

Right-click -> Security -> Edit -> Add (SYSTEM, <username> (<COMPUTERNAME>\<username>), Administrators (<COMPUTERNAME>\Administrators) is all that is listed.) -> Advanced -> Find Now -> Double-Click 'Users' -> OK, OK, OK.


Once done the lock is removed, but I still receive the 'If you delete this folder it will no longer be shared.'


Any idea how it is that I can stop files from being saved without the lock and without the USER profile on them?

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