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Error: Element Not Found

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I have spent countless hours these past few days just trying to get this error from not showing up. Every torrent has encountered the same issue. Either Error: Element not found (ReadFromDisk) or Error: Element not found (Hash). I've poured over numerous forums, yahoo answers, etc for answers and have tried it all. The advanced settings, antivirus options, force rechecking, you name it. It did not use to do this before. My laptop has 200gb free in it out of 500gb, so its not that. Have ran virus/malware checks, defragmented, registry cleaner, ccleaner, everything. Other clients, have tried uttorrent, deluge and tixati. Went over to family's house, used their internet, nothing, so I know it is my laptop. Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated, as of now I can't download anything.


Sony Vaio

Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz

4.00 GB RAM

64 Bit OS


Edit: For some reason bittorent uninstalls itself as well, every time I restart the icon is a generic windows one. The data for it is still under %appdata% though. Version 7.9.3 (build 40761) 32-bit

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