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Hello everyone !,
I am very excited about this project.
For several months I've been doing a lot of things over Maelstrom.
I have tested everything, and everything worked perfect. Even a smooth steaming With DRM has worked on static HTML.
Well, I registered today because I need your invaluable help.
I am wanting to make "streaming" with a source via info_hash over videojs player.
I understand that Maelstrom acts exactly like a client BitTorrent more, and therefore guess some of your options are possible to implement.
Specifically need to "bt.sequential_download" works. I know, bt in maelstrom is _bt, but still not working.
I wonder then if there is any list of functions that they work, any documentation, any API, some reference as to continue working.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards from Buenos Aires.
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You shouldn't need to access the bt API at all. Project Maelstrom should make files within torrents available to you via "bittorrent://" and the idea is that you should be able to handle these just like http files. So in videojs you would feed the player something similar to "bittorrent://c5d2c846df6fab842e240741acfaee5135bddbe8/GRV-THENIGHTMARE-ENG-HD-16X9LB-trailer.mp4"

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Hi @Robv!, sorry for the delay.

Yes i know that and i have all the necesary code for that, but i request for API docs of other kind of help becasue the streaming is not sequantially like the node module peerflix, and the experiencie is not very well.

I keep working but be great any help.

I offer myself as a tester if that would help them in the future.

Thanks in advance.

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