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Hi everyone. Just tried bleep and I want to suggest some improvements.

1. Please fix message delievery and online status. Contacts are always offline and I often can't send or recieve messages, they are been delievered with a big delay or just not appear. (Maybe it's not working only for me, I use iOS and chat with Android devices)

2. Let users set pictures for their profiles, like in Skype. Phone contacts sync is not comfortable and there are only grey pictures in Bleep now.

3. Please translate the app to other languages. As for me, I am from Russia and I can help you with Russian translation.

4. Fix this crash on iPad, its impossible to link an account: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/41035-ios-ipad-link-new-devices-crash/#entry110948

Sorry for possible mistakes and if some of these things have already been written here.

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