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Wasted Potential


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I really do like Bleep but have to say that atm it's not more than wasted potential.



- no one knows it and nobody is willing to give Bleep a chance (bad/no marketing)

- people who tried it said "yeah, ok its nice but to much is missing, sticking with WhatsApp" (no group         chat is the biggest point)

- lack of updates (1 update since i installed it in June is not enough, at this time there were a few people     who tried it)


is there at least a TestFlight Beta we can try?

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I agree, this app has a great potential wasted. They could include communication off line as in the BT Shoot. Could have a built-in browser or viewer for links, as the link bubble app. And not to mention "chat groups", a user interface better and more modern. My suggestion is that you take a look at Yahoo messenger, Hike messenger and FB Messenger, to inspire in the interface of user and the functions of these applications. The only way this app gaining traction with more users is by adding the functions essential to the day-to-day, and a beautiful interface and user-friendly.

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