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Getting Message Newer Version Already Intalled/ Uable To Uninstall. Help!


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So the other day I was opening bittorrent and came up with the error message


"A newer version of bittorrent, 7.9.5, build 41163 is already installed. Would you like to downgrade to version 7.9.4 build 40912? Click no to continue running bittorrent"


So If I click yes/no it will load. A pain getting new torrents to open on it but


After an exaustive search online I came up with nothing so decided to uninstall and reinstall. When I go to control panel to unistall I get the message.


"You do not have sufficient access to uninstall bittorrent, please contact your system admistrator"


I'm the only one who uses this computer, am the admin. I even tried cccleaner but that came up with cannot find the file specified to uninstall.


Please help!

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Need an opinion, after searching on google and attempting to contact bittorrent support (Who are basically useless btw unless you upgrade to pro)


I"m left with the only option, a manual uninstall. Search the computer and delete all bittorrent refrences and go through reg edit and remove all bittorrent registery entries ?


Unless someone else has another idea?

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