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Bundled software

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Thought I'd try out bit torrent. I went ahead and installed the "recommended" additional software as well. I can't even remember what the name of it was- "ALO" or something to that effect. In any event, it ran it's scan and came back w. in excess of 1100 errors, offered to fix only 100 unless I up and bought the full version. Just would suggest that bit torrent be a little more selective of their partners because this kind of scam is old as the hills. I've never had as many registry errors as all that; even back in the day installing IE4 platform preview (around about '96 or '97) even before w 98 came out. Some of you may recall that running a registry cleaner back then was almost a necessity, now it's hardly needed w. Win 7. Out of habit, I run 3 different ones, from Eusing, Ashampoo and Iobit. I just ran the Eusing one and had 6 or 7 errors reported. Just thought I'd point this out. :)

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