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Being Served A Possible Malicious Ad.


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This was the first time I recieved the ad today but im just about 100% it was malicious and was attatched to the client.  I didn't think to get a screenshot of it (stupidly) but I know it was served through my bittorent client as it went away when i forcefully shut down the client.


I know some of the information though.


It was a full popup.  Just a window with text, no graphics.  Asking me if I "really wanted to leave the page?" stating my private information, credit cards and chat files were at risk if I did leave.  It then recommended I Contact a Microsoft service specialist or something along those lines and gave me a number to call 1-855-912-6241.



I'll keep an eye out if I get another pop-up like this through my Bt client and grab a screen shot of it.


In the mean time, im off to scan my computer to be extra safe.

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