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Virtual Private Network And Leakage


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greetings all.  i'm new to this forum so if i'm in the wrong place or asking the wrong kind of questions, please correct me and make any suggestions to steer me to the answers.


i use a vpn service and thought i was protected from prying eyes until my isp forwarded me an email from HBO.  the vpn service suspected that my ip address was leaked and suggested i add an extension to firefox disable webrtc.  it seems to work because running tests with https://diafygi.github.io/webrtc-ips/ and http://whoer.net/ , my ip address was hidden.


will this webrtc blocker on firefox also work when i'm downloading torrents with bittorrent?  my vpn service also suggested i use vpn watcher (http://www.ugdsoft.com/products/vpnwatcher/) but whenever my vpn connection is lost, bittorrent stops downloading.

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hi, i'm net in this forum too.


Webrtc blocking with plugins will not save you on torrenting, because its related with your network data not internet surfing on mozilla. You need to cover up all your torrenting data from your isp.


There are some vpns have options named killswitch for that, whether your internet connection drops or some funky routing problems occured in your windows, you will be safe in all ways and no data came out from your real internet.


ZPN named free vpn service has killswitch option on windows and its working the way i told. You will be safe if you open killswitch feature on setting of the client. But if your connection drops, you need to close your torrent program and reconnect vpn manually for not appear your torrent traffic on network.

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