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I Can't Delete Few Files And I Can't Uninstall Bittorrent


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Most of files I downloaded I could delete but about there are 10 files I cant. I removed torrent from BitTorrent but I can't delete file  because it says that its open in BitTorrent. I quit it, check task manager and nothing. I tried using Unlocker but its says that its not being used by anything and it cant be deleted by Unlocker.


After all of that I tried uninstalling BitTorrent but when I try it says you dont have sufficient access to uninstall BitTorrent. Please contact your system admin.

There is no admin, this is home pc and all other things can be uninstalled except BitTorrent.


I searched C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent and I deleted all torrents I thought I deleted but I cant delete torrents which files I cant be delete . All those files I cant delete take up around 10+GB on my pc.



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