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Ads Are Slowing Down The Client So Much That It Is Unfunctional...


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Hello to everyone, especially to the staff.

I will cut right to the chase. I don't mind seeing ads in my (your actualy) client window, until they freeze the client, please solve this because it is extremely annoying. Whenever I open the client it freezes for few minutes just load the ads and please don't even think of telling me that it might be my pc related issue, because it isn't, because you see I have purchased this machine 3 weeks ago and it is runing any other software as smooth as it can run, but with bittorent seems to be some sort of issue. As I previously said I suspect that it is advertising related. 

Here's how it is.

1. I double click on "Bittorent" icon.
2. "Bittorent launches almost instantly.
3. Sort of loads the UI.
4. Freezes for few minutes (yes MINUTES)

5. Ads appear and it starts to run smooth.
6. I do whatever I wanted to do with it so I minimize it to tray.
7. When I maximise it back from tray it repeats everything from 3rd point of this list.

Hope to see it fixed soon.

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