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Suspicious Constant Bandwidth Usage?


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Hi I am new to the forums but I have a questions.


I have a program that monitors my bandwidth usage and speed. When I have bittorrent on, I see that Bittorrent is constantly using a minimum of 30 KBs of both upload and download even when I have no active torrents. Meaning I am not seeding anything or downloading anything but yet its still uploading at 30 KBs and downloading 30 KBs.


What is it downloading and uploading? Why is it doing this?


I have been using bittorrent for a while now, I just never noticed this till now.

And I know its for sure its bittorrent that is using up that constant bandwidth because when I turn off bittorrent my download usage is 0 KBs and upload usage is only 116 bytes due to steam and skype..

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