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Bleep and Manual Proxy Setting


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Recently I was told by my Japanese boss to look for a new chat application that can replace ICQ and then I found Bleep.

On what I read about Bleep, I'm glad and convinced that Bleep is the perfect answer for this which is a way better replacement over these traditional chat systems.

But the Japanese boss seemed not to care unless Bleep has a manual setting of proxy. Just like many Japanese, he wanted to be sure no IP address can be obtained.

Me, not giving up would like talk to him once again to convince him to use Bleep as a replacement ICQ, which is used by years by them and the employees they have overseas ever since then.

To help me convince him, let me ask a few questions

1) Without changing Windows/Mac/Smartphone or browser's proxy settings,
What are the chances of obtaining the IP address of a certain Bleep user?
What tests could be done to show that obtaining of IP address is nearly impossible

2) What could be the best explanation for convincing him eliminating the need for proxy but secure connection?

Looking forward to your answers



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