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Torrent stops DL ~30s after starting


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Ok, first time poster, but i am NOT a n00b. This IS NOT a "why cant a finish my download past 66.6% without any seeds and while all other peers are at 66.6%"?

Here's the deal:

I add a new torrent to bittorrent client. Healthy torrent (multiple seeds seen), so it immediately starts DLing, goes from about 100kb/s to about 2000kb/s in about the course of 20-30s/.

Then we die! All of the sudden the rate drops off a cliff (if I understand how "decaying averages" work, i'm pretty sure it went to zero DL rate almost instantly).

Now I have several torrents at 24.9% and 15.9% for example, with at least 6 100% seeds visible, and they wont even start again at .1kb/s. "Again" being important there because I WAS DLing from them before it got cut off. I have restarted BT multiple times (which would sometimes help in the past to start them again), and I have waited several hours for the torrents to restart which at their previous rate of DL they would have taken another 5 mins to finish max.

This has happened several times in the last month or two, not all the time. From beginning to death takes about 30-60s. I always get some of the torrent, and there are always multiple seeds and peers visible. And I also have several torrents that I am successfully seeding, but same problem whether i have them going or not.

one last note, i am not someone to bother signing up for a forum to ask a question i could have googled. Maybe i'm the only one with this problem? I do sorta feel like the problem is on my end and not the internet's but i have considered my ISP might be trying to mess with me.

Thank you for any help the community can provide. GO BITTORRENT!!!!!!!!!

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small update: after having BT down for about 1.5 hours and restarting it, one of two torrents started immediately and finished in minutes, after having sat for hours without activity and just as many seeds prior. Other one never started, though I can see at least 4 seeds. Might this have something to do with me having encryption forced and incoming legacy connections denied? Which of course I will not compromise on. But I dont know why I would get any data in the first place then or if I would even see the other clients that are not encrypted. I'm perplexed.

And once again, just to reiterate: pretty sure i'm not crazy... not just an issue of necessary seeds/peers/data becoming available. It seems a viable torrent just dies for me sometimes, about 30s after starting for no determinable reason. Eventually later it usually restarts for no determinable reason and I do end up getting it DLed. But now it seems almost predictable that when I start something, no matter how healthy the torrent is, something stops it more times than not from finishing the first time despite high DL speeds for the first ~30s.

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