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Bittorrent download start/ end of every single skipped file.


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I'm downloading a torrent where i've selected a single file out of ~320 files, this file is 80mb.
Every other files is set to skip, and so far it has downloaded ~2GB of the skipped files (the starts and the ends of about 124 files)
The one file i want to download is set to high priority, and has downloaded about 25%
The piece size is 16mb, and i'm using bitorrent 7.9.7 build 42331.
I really don't want to wait another hour or so for bittorrent to download my 80mb file, while taking up gigabytes of HDD space.

I understand that pieces can overlap files. However, considering i've downloaded 128 pieces, and the file i want is only 7 pieces big, i can't see that being the problem.
I've also disabled "prioritizing start and end piece" in the advanced settings.
I don't think I've had this problem in the past.

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